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Advantages of Qilu Forging Services Compared to Competing Peers and Trading Companies

our Metal forging and CNC machining workshop
Qilu boasts independent research and development, mold creation, forging blank production, and CNC machining capabilities. We offer a comprehensive, one-stop service that covers product R&D and design, forging, trimming, heat treatment, vibration grinding, CNC machining, and surface treatment. This approach eliminates the need to engage multiple suppliers, streamlining the product development process and ensuring prompt delivery.
Outsourced Metal forging and CNC machining workshop
Several Chinese metal processing firms and trading entities lack the skills to forge and independently develop mold CNC machining. They are devoid of autonomous CNC machining capabilities. All their operations and procedures are dependent on outsourced services. This limits their ability to supervise product quality on-site and ensure timely delivery.
Adhering Rigorously to the Metal Forging Process for Products
Our manufacturing procedure adheres rigidly to the ISO9001 process. It begins with initial rough forging, followed by precise forging, blanking, heating, a second stage of fine forging, trimming, heat treatment, vibration grinding, and finally cleaning. Each step is distinctively managed to ensure optimum quality control.
Substandard Workmanship and Use of Inferior Materials
The production methods of certain Chinese metal forging firms and trading entities involve blanking, creating a forging embryo, trimming, and heat treatment. These procedures are flawed and lack distinct stages and quality control measures, resulting in subpar forging embryos.
High-quality forgings, precise appearance, widely used
Qilu metal forgings are known for their flawless appearance, superior precision and wide range of applications. Our forgings are well made and have a smooth appearance without any burrs, ensuring excellent quality.
Uneven Texture, Severe Tolerance Deviations, and Limited Usability
Parts produced by poor quality forging tend to have many rough and unsightly burrs. These parts are primarily used in smaller-scale applications, including bicycles, motorcycles, consumer electronics and similar areas. Their use remains somewhat limited.
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Qilu, as one of the leading forged metal manufacturers in China, specializes in the production of high quality forgings such as shaft forgings, ring forgings and disk forgings.
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