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Over 30 years of market experience
Covering an area of 230,000 square meters
With offices in multiple regions
3,000+ employees
Annual output exceeds 600,000 tons
Over 30,000 transactions
Own logistics supply department
Over 6,000 satisfied customers
Fast reply guarantee within 24 hours
Shandong Qilu lndustrial Co.,Ltd.

Leading Metal Forging Service Provider in China

Qilu is one of the leading forged metal manufacturers in China, specializing in the production of high quality forgings such as shaft forgings, ring forgings and disk forgings. We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art production equipment and testing facilities to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.
With over 30 years of experience, our dedicated team of professionals has extensive knowledge and expertise in forging and heat treatment technologies to provide customized solutions for a wide range of applications. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and work closely with our customers at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that their specific needs and requirements are met.
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Bundles and Benefits

Order all the required materials at once. After submitting an order for all the materials required, you will receive a ready-made quotation, which you can evaluate from the point of view of the benefits.

Over 1,000 of the most in-demand wrought metal products in stock

This allows us to maximize our ability to meet the demands of the international market, and our large inventory increases the speed of delivery of products to you.

Quality Assurance or Money Back Guarantee

All products are certified and their quality is confirmed by relevant documents.

No bureaucracy and flexible business practices

All decisions are made quickly. There are no cumbersome multi-stage agreements on terms of cooperation and no delays in resolving urgent issues. Time is money!

Service. We don’t work in formalities

Each buyer has a separate manager who leads all stages of the transaction process – from receiving the client’s request to delivery and signing all documents.

The value of relationships. People work with people, for people!

We support warm and welcoming relationships within our company and with our partners. We thank you for choosing us as a partner, for the trust you have placed in us and sincerely wish to help you solve all problems related to the supply of metal products to the company in a timely manner.

The Customer Comes First

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Production Of Forgings
Metal Cutting
Mechanical Processing
Sale From Stock
Quality Inspection

Production of forgings to order

Production of products of any shape and size from different grades of steel according to the given technical parameters.
The price of the finished product is determined according to the requested parameters.
Qilu, as one of the leading forged metal manufacturers in China, specializes in the production of high quality forgings such as shaft forgings, ring forgings and disk forgings.
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