C-MN and Low Alloy Steel Forgings

Steel stands as the world’s most vital material in engineering and construction. Its unique property of being recyclable without loss of quality makes it indispensable.
Beyond Carbon and Manganese, additional alloying elements like chromium, nickel, or molybdenum can be deliberately incorporated into steel forgings to achieve precise properties, including heightened strength, fracture toughness, resistance to fatigue, and corrosion resistance. The forging process plays a pivotal role in fully realizing these mechanical properties and ensuring the production of components that are devoid of internal defects.

Material grades

GradeUNS NumberDINWerkstoff Nr
A350 Grade LF6K03011
A350 Grade LF2C22.81.0460

Forged metal products from Qilu

Forged Steel Blocks
Disc Forgings
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Hollow Tube Forgings
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Forged Steel Blocks

Our forged steel blocks are crafted from top-tier materials, carefully processed through the steel forging method. As a result, they exhibit outstanding wear resistance and ductility, rendering them superior to castings. This is particularly advantageous in applications demanding heightened strength and extended service life.
Why purchase Forged Steel Blocks from qilu
Our process ensures a minimum reduction area ratio of 3 to 1, ensuring the highest block integrity.
In contrast to castings or flat-rolled products, the forging process imparts directional grain flow and a refined metallurgical microstructure, enhancing mechanical properties such as impact and tensile strength.
At Qilu, we are your comprehensive forging solution. We go beyond forging, offering value-added services like heat treatment, machining, and rigorous testing to provide you with the ultimate solution.
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Qilu, as one of the leading forged metal manufacturers in China, specializes in the production of high quality forgings such as shaft forgings, ring forgings and disk forgings.
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