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Forged Steel Blocks
Disc Forgings
Steel Flange
Hollow Tube Forgings
Ring Forgings
Forged Shafts

Forged Steel Blocks

Our forged steel blocks are crafted from top-tier materials, carefully processed through the steel forging method. As a result, they exhibit outstanding wear resistance and ductility, rendering them superior to castings. This is particularly advantageous in applications demanding heightened strength and extended service life.
Why purchase Forged Steel Blocks from qilu
Our process ensures a minimum reduction area ratio of 3 to 1, ensuring the highest block integrity.
In contrast to castings or flat-rolled products, the forging process imparts directional grain flow and a refined metallurgical microstructure, enhancing mechanical properties such as impact and tensile strength.
At Qilu, we are your comprehensive forging solution. We go beyond forging, offering value-added services like heat treatment, machining, and rigorous testing to provide you with the ultimate solution.
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Qualified forgings
and high level

Quality assurance internal process and technical documentation issuance are strict and methodical.
For each product QILU guarantees, supports and certifies compliance to international standards, technical rules and specific Customer requirements. QILU can handle any testing operation and issue the relevant certificate.
Quality Control & LabDestructive And Non-Destructive Testing
System And Product CertificationsIso 9001, Iso 14001 & Iso 45001, Norsok

About Qilu

Our company specializes in the production of high-quality forgings, such as shaft forgings, ring forgings, and disc forgings. We have invested heavily in advanced production equipment and testing facilities to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.
We are probably one of the most experienced sales teams in China. With over 30 years of experience in the international market, our staff are able to offer help and advice, technical support and expertise from your inquiry to delivery. We are committed to providing a highly personalized, fast and flexible service, regardless of the size of the order and whether the customer is a sole trader or a large international group.
We have a dedicated die shop. Our forging equipment ranges from 200 to 4000 tons and can produce from 1 to over 100,000 metal forgings. Our large in-stock inventory and worldwide delivery service allows us to deliver your order quickly!
Forging Process
Open Die Forging
Closed Die Forging
Roll Forging
Drop Forging
Rring Forging

We have the capability to produce custom metal forgings using a wide range of metal materials. Our closed-die metal forging techniques are versatile, catering to the needs of diverse industries.
Metal Forging
Steel Forged
Aluminum Forged
Bronze & Brass & Copper Forged
Stainless Steel Forged
Titanium Forged

Qilu is equipped with state-of-the-art in-house top inspection devices, ensuring that our quality standards consistently meet or exceed the stringent requirements of the world’s most demanding industries as per modern statistical measures.
Measuring Device
Pin Gauges
Roughness machine
Projector And Micrometer
Concentricity measurement

At times, forging may fall short of meeting stringent dimensional tolerances. Our value-added machining services enable us to provide finished components directly to our customers, ensuring precision and meeting their exact requirements.
Cnc Machining
3 Axis Cnc Machining
4 Axis Cnc Machining
5 Axis Cnc Machining
Precision Cnc Turning
Mill-Turn Machining

Qilu, as one of the leading forged metal manufacturers in China, specializes in the production of high quality forgings such as shaft forgings, ring forgings and disk forgings.
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