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Our hollow tube forgings an inside diameter that is forged directly into the parts, rather than being bored from solid bars. This unique approach significantly reduces production time and enhances overall efficiency. By forging these components as a single unit, we ensure exceptional strength and quality. Additionally, hollow tube forgings offer a versatile and efficient solution for a wide range of construction and mechanical applications. Some key product benefits include reduced waste and enhanced structural integrity.
O.D. up to 60 in
I.D. up to 30 in
Weight Range
Up to 55,000 lb
Our custom-made hollow tube forgings provide a superior alternative to heavy wall steel pipe and mechanical tubing, offering higher quality.
They are a viable replacement for centrifugal castings, which frequently fail to meet the desired internal strength and integrity standards.
At Qilu, we have the expertise to forge hollows with unique configurations and geometries, including squares with a central hole or hollows with varying sizes on the outside diameter.
For more information on product prices, availability and delivery conditions, please contact: carrier@qiluforging.com
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We possess extensive metallurgical knowledge and employ cutting-edge equipment to meet your precise mechanical property requirements.
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Qilu, as one of the leading forged metal manufacturers in China, specializes in the production of high quality forgings such as shaft forgings, ring forgings and disk forgings.
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